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Desktop Computer Sales

 Refurbished Desktop Computers from $149!

Complete Refurbished Systems- Wholesale Computer Supply has hundreds of refurbished systems ready to go.  To ensure these systems we have a special team that combs through every system performing comprehensive diagnostic tests. These systems carry a warranty but customers can purchase an extended warranty giving you the confidence you need to get going today! Don’t forget to ask about the many available upgrades ranging from 17-24 inch monitors, additional memory, premium video cards and more!


 Custom Desktop Computers from $399!

New Custom Built Systems  Custom built systems are much different then pre-built systems from local big box stores. Most big box store computers are built with cheaper internal parts. Some of their parts can cost more to replace because they aren’t available as replacement parts.  At Wholesale Computer Supply we offer local support for all of our products and parts and they carry a one-year warranty. Our experience speaks for itself when it comes to custom built desktop systems.


Laptop Computer Sales

 Laptop Computers from $199 

At Wholesale Computer Supply-Laptop Store in Tulsa, our selection varies and consists of different familiar brands such as HP, Dell, Compaq, AlienWare and more. When it comes to buying a laptop our staff can help you pick the best system for all your application needs from netbook up to 17inch. Our inventory changes weekly so stop by Wholesale Computer Supply Laptop Store today!


Parts and Accessories 

At Wholesale Computer Supply we specialize in new and old parts for desktop and laptop computers. We carry parts for most major computer and laptop brands. Customers love our prices, selection and availability of parts. Our parts inventory warehouse covers thousands of square feet. We also have the largest selection of laptop chargers in the Tulsa Metro Area.

After Market Computer Parts 

At Wholesale Computer Supply we have many items not available in local stores.  If you need a stick of ram, a hard drive, a motherboard, a network card, a computer case or even items like wireless routers, KVM’s, new and used keyboards, controller cards, and items that are hard to find! Check Us Out at Wholesale Computer Supply



Don’t forget Cables! We have an expansive selection of cables and for half the price of most other suppliers in the Tulsa Metro.